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wall, standing & suspended ceramic sculptures

Jean Smith, Ceramic Sculptor

            Calendar 2023
        November, December

D'art Holiday Market 2023
D'art Gallery
900 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204
Holiday Market
Gallery Hours: Thur, Sat noon - 5 pm; Fri noon - 9 pm;
Sun 1 - 4 pm
First Fridays: Nov 3, 5 - 9 pm
Opening Reception: Friday, Nov 24, 5 - 9 pm
Sunday's on Santa Fe: Nov 26,  11 am - 4 pm
Meet the Artists: Friday, Dec  8, 5 - 9 pm
I will feature some of my affordable ceramic sculptures, perfect for the Holidays
Curtis Center for the Arts
2349 E. Orchard Rd
Greenwood Village, CO 80121
Taking up Space
featuring large works of art
Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 - 4:30, Sat 10 - 4
I have two ceramic wall sculptures
You can stay current with
me on my facebook page, Jean Smith, JBS Arts.
and on my Instagram, @jeanbsmith13

Check out the article about me as one of Colorado Creatives:
Zip 37 Gallery
3644 Navajo Street
Denver, CO 80211
Closed Aug 31, 2018

5 Bubbles on the wall

Visit Stephanie Powell's Blog for a peek-a-boo look at me working in my studio:

D'art Gallery, Denver, CO
"4th Anniversary: Essentially D'art"
-showed ceramic wall, standing sculptures
"Falling in Love, Again...New Modernism"
-showed ceramic wall, standing and suspended sculptures with Lydia Riegle
Modernism Week, February, Palm Springs, CA
-showed ceramic wall and standing sculptures
Core: New Art Space, Lakewood, CO
"Architecture of Form #4"
-showed suspended ceramic sculptures
931 Gallery, Denver, CO
"Expanding Modernism"
-showed ceramic wall sculptures, totems
WCACO Member's Show, "Our View"
-showed suspended ceramic sculpture
Kanon Collective, Lakewood, CO
"Zip Reunion"
-showed ceramic wall and suspended sculptures
ParkHill Open Studio Tour, Denver, CO
-showed totems, vessels and floating leaves
ParkHill Garden Tour, Denver, CO
-showed totems in the yard at 1349 Grape St
D'art Gallery, Denver, CO
"Dart & Friends"
-showed ceramic wall sculptures with printmaker, Katharine McGuinness
"3rd Anniversary"
-showed ceramic wall sculptures, suspended sculpture, small totem 
"Simply Small"
-showed ceramic wall sculptures and leaf platters
"D'art & Friends"
-showed ceramic wall sculpture in with painter, Shelley Hull
Modernism Show, October, Palm Springs, CA
-showed ceramic wall, floor and suspended sculptures
Spark Gallery, Denver, CO
"Beyond 2D" juried
-showed ceramic totem
Exploration of Flight Hanger, Centennial Airport
"Mod Vintage"
-showed ceramic wall and suspended sculpture, totems
CORE New Art Space Gallery, Lakewood, CO
"Architecture of Form #3"
-showed vessels
"Over, Under, Further, Forever: Women's Caucus for Art Member's"
-showed suspended and standing ceramic sculptures
Red Brick Center for the Arts, Aspen, CO
"Nod to Modernity" with Lydia Riegle
-showed ceramic wall sculptures
Niza Knoll Gallery, Denver, CO
"FIRED" Hand Built Clay Exhibit featuring 10 ceramic artists
-showed wall and standing ceramic sculptures
Tabor Center, Denver, CO
-installed a large ceramic wall sculpture in the conference area
Hilltop Senior Living, Denver, CO
-installed two ceramic sculptures in the lobby
Lincoln Gallery, Loveland, CO
"National Fine Art"
-Showed ceramic sculpture
Received the blue Ribbon for best 3-D piece!
Blo Back Gallery, Pueblo, CO
"Blue Skies: On my Mind" with Sheigla Hartman
-Showed ceramic sculptures
Gallery 931, Denver, CO
"Expanding Modernism: The Mutiny of Mediocrity"
-Showed ceramic sculpture in group show
40 West Gallery, Lakewood, CO
"Small Works, Big ideas" Group Show sponsored by WCACO
-showed ceramic wall sculptures
2008 - 2022
Artma, Denver, CO
-showed ceramic wall sculpture in Bi-Annual fundraiser for Pediatric Cancer Research
D'art Gallery, Denver, CO
"Shaken Stirred, Savored" with Lydia Reigle
-showed ceramic wall, suspended and standing sculptures
"Take Two", D'art Member's Group Show
-showed ceramic wall sculpture
"From the Earth" with Gabrielle Shannon
-showed suspended, wall and standing ceramic sculptures
"New Beginnings" Gallery Member's Show
-showed ceramic sculpture
Catbird Hotel, Denver, CO
-installed three ceramic wall sculptures on the top floor
Curtis Center for the Arts, Greenwood Village, CO
"Old Myths, New Stories" Juried Show sponsored by WCACO
-showed ceramic sculpture
CORE New Art Space, Lakewood, CO
"The Architecture of Form 2"
-showed ceramic sculpture
The Gallery @ Bus Stop Apartments, Boulder, CO
"Work of Women" Show featuring members of WCACO
-showed ceramic sculpture
GreyCube online gallery
Finalist in "Floral Art" Show with Rose Totem
Park Hill Studio Tour, Denver, CO
-showed ceramics and jewelry with guest oil painter, Rebekah Robinson
Curtis Center for the Arts,Greenwood Village, CO
"37th Annual All Colorado Art" Show, awarded second place
-showed ceramic sculpture
Art Hub-Elevation Room, Lakewood, CO
-showed suspended, wall and floor ceramic
40 West Art Gallery, Lakewood, CO
"Members Small Works Exhibit", featuring 40 members of WCA-CO
-showed wall and pedestal ceramic sculptures
D'art Gallery, Denver, CO
"Simply Small 2"
-showed ceramic wall sculptures
"Andra Tutto Bene" Group Member's Show
-showed ceramic wall sculptures
"Walk-up Window" Group Member's Show
-showed ceramic wall sculpture
"Elements," two person show with Gabrielle Shannon
-showed ceramic wall sculptures
"Many Voices, One Message: Art" Group Co-Op Member's Show
-showed ceramic wall sculpture
CORE: New Art Space Gallery, Lakewood, CO
"The Architecture of Form" Group Show
-showed ceramic wall, floor, and suspended sculpture
"30 Year Anniversary" Show, Women's Caucus for Art, Colorado Chapter,
-showed ceramic wall sculpture
fooLPRoof Contemporary Art, Denver, CO
"Blue Skies Forever"
-showed ceramic sculpture installation
"Beat Clap Snap"
-showed ceramic sculpture installation
-showed ceramic sculpture installation
"Grown Up?"
-Showed ceramic sculpture installation
-showed ceramic sculpture installation
-showed ceramic sculpture installation 
D'art Gallery, Denver, CO
"Grand Opening"
-showed ceramic sculpture
"Simply Small"
-showed ceramic sculpture and jewelry
Park Hill Art Studio Tour, Denver, CO
-showed ceramic sculptures and jewelry
Spark Gallery, Denver, CO
"Blue/Green: Art and Environment"
-showed ceramic wall sculpture in the juried Art
Show, awarded third place
Modernism, Mid-Mod Show, Denver, CO
-showed ceramic sculptures in the juried Art Show
Core and Annex@ Core: New Art Space, Denver, CO
"Resolutions," Member's WCA/CO Show
-showed ceramic wall sculpture 
"Positioned," with Annette Coleman
-showed ceramic wall sculptures
First Congregational Church Boulder, CO
"Art Speak" featuring 24 artist/poet combinations
-Showed ceramic installations in this show
Pop Up Art Show Longmont, CO
-showed ceramic work and jewelry
RiNo Made Shop, Denver, CO
-showed ceramic work and jewelry at this shop
fooLPRoof Contemporary Art, Denver, CO
-November, Artist in Residence, working with clay
-showed ceramic installation 
-showed ceramic installation
-showed ceramic installation
-showed ceramic sculpture in "Patterns"; received 2nd Place in 3-D category
Annex@Core: New Art Space, Denver, CO
"Green Verde Vert" Open Entry Juried Show, sponsored by WCA/CO
-showed ceramic sculpture
Park Hill Open Studio Tour, Denver, CO
-showed ceramic sculptures and jewelry
Athena Project@40 West, Lakewood, CO
"Inside Out: Art and Reflection" Juried Show
-showed ceramic sculpture
Modernism Show, Denver, CO
-showed ceramic sculptures in the juried Art Show
Zip 37 Gallery, Denver, CO
"Friends of Zip"
-showed an installation
-showed ceramic sculptures
Spark Gallery, Denver, CO
"The New Underground Artist"
-showed ceramic sculpture
Core: New Art Space Gallery, Denver, CO
"We are Here" Show for Members of the Colorado Chapter of the WCA
-showed ceramic sculpture
Reed Art and Imaging, Lakewood, CO
"TrueArt West Fest"
-showed ceramic sculptures and jewelry
Dona Laurita Gallery, Louisville, CO
-showed ceramic sculpture in this fundraiser
"MM for PP" (Money Maker for Planned Parenthood)
National Western Complex, Denver, CO
Modernism Show
-showed ceramic sculpture in "The Art" Show
Anthology Fine Art and Gallery, Englewood, CO
-showed ceramic sculptures in duo show, with Sue Crosby Doyle, "Pigment, Value, Density"
Zip 37 Gallery, Denver, CO
-showed ceramic wall sculptures and jewelry
in Solo Show, "Wall Works"
-showed an Installation in the "Friends of Zip" Show
Spark Gallery, Denver, CO
-showed photography
"Look App This!" juried by Mark Sink
Core: New Art Space, Denver, CO
-showed ceramics and collage
"Glam & Grit" Artwork and Post Cards in collaboration with the Michigan chapter of the Women's Caucus for Art
past showing history from 1986 - 2016 upon request
Medium totem
Suspended ceramic sculpture

Jean Smith booth at Modernism Week, Palm Springs, CA, 2022

Dart Container.jpg
Wall Sculpture #21, 24 x 20_, ceramics.jpeg
Wall Sculpture #21 @ Red Brick Center, 2022
View of Shaken, Stirred, Savored Show, 2021
View of From the Earth Show, 2021
Abstract 4.jpg

Ceramic wall relief sculpture @ Catbird Hotel, Denver, 2021


Ceramic Totem, Curtis Art Center Show, 2020, awarded Second Place

Ethnic-inspired jewelry creations I do with African Trade Beads, see my Etsy Page:


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