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       Ceremonial Shrines

Fisherman Shrine

19" x 15" x 6" Celebrate your fishing experiences!

Race Car Shrine

13" x 20" x 6" Relive your race car times!

Tennis Shrine

19" x 13"x 8" Celebrate your Tennis victories!

Card Shark Shrine

19" x 13" x 8" Save your best hand!

Boy Scout Shrine

18" x 18" x 8" Display your Scouting memories!

Darts Tribute

A starting place to celebrate something you love - Add mementos to personalize your shrine, or choose a tribute container

All Shrines are composed of hand-made, low-fired glazed ceramic tiles, applied to a handmade wooden structure. They are embellished with individual ceramic and collected memorabilia. Please contact me for prices or questions.

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